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The Story

Food By Emily was started by me (Emily Glarner-Chan)  to share my love for foods. Everything is handmade with love, attention to detail and with a desire to create a mesmerizing experience for my customers. 


Having my own boutique catering company is a dream come true. It all began in the woods of Sweden, where I started my first bakery-ordering firm at the age of 11. Since then, I have had a corporate career in training and education but have always had a passion for anything related to food and have kept exploring the culinary arts. 


My philosophy is to let ingredients shine for their true beauty and play with flavor combinations to highlight each one. My style of cooking is seasonal, mindful, intentional and preferably organic. Sustainable. Artful.  Everything is made from scratch. I source out the best tasting and highest quality ingredients, venture out to the local farmers markets to find what is in season and buy the best produce locally. Then the fun begins! I play in the kitchen to create delicious and authentic experiences for you. 


There are no limits in my kitchen. Truly. This is my handcraft and I want to share it with you. 


With Love & Gratitude,



#foodbyemily #simplygoodfood


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