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Our Los Angeles based boutique catering company specializes in seasonal simplicity. It could be for an intimate dinner for two, a family dinner for four, a dinner party for eight, a book club meeting, a cocktail party for twenty, a three-day detox cleanse, a lunch buffet for an office, picnic boxes for Hollywood Bowl. a kid's birthday party or weekly delivery of family meals. Nothing is too small or too big. We would love to cater it for you. We can either be a personal chef and come to you and cater the event or we can deliver foods to you. We also host cooking or chocolate making parties at your home. 


Please send us an email: and we will respond with a custom-tailored proposal, incorporating your requests, favorite ingredients and dietary restrictions. We will work with you closely to get every detail right and to ensure your satisfaction. We can't wait to create a delicious experience for you!

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