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All our artisan chocolates are handmade from scratch using the highest and finest quality ingredients available. We take great pride in buying local produce from farmers markets and incorporating unique flavor combinations to create an authentic chocolate experience.  Please contact us for custom orders. Tell us what your favorite ingredients are and we will create your own unique chocolate. 

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Chocolates will be personally delivered in Manhattan Beach, Hermosa Beach, and Redondo Beach for all orders over $100. Please email me your order to to avoid shipping charges. 


We ship and use a certified shipper to ensure that our packages are shipped well protected. Our refund policy is that Food By Emily is not responsible for refunds. Due to high temperatures, chocolate products may melt during shipment. Hopefully not, but it could happen. We will do our best to prevent the chocolate bark from melting by using temperature protection packaging. During summer months, we ship all packages in an insulated box and ice packs.




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