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Beach Rolls

Beach Rolls



Let us tell you a bit more about ourselves. We are the A&E sisters and we are coming up with a Beach Roll small business. Most people will be like: “What do they mean Beach Rolls?” Well... let us tell you what they are. Beach Rolls are a type of bun. They are really not common here in California.  We first tried them in Bend, Oregon. Then, we tried something similar in Sweden. And WOW. My sister and I think they are the best buns in the world! If you guys are not sure if you want one we will gladly give you a sample.


We will be delivering every Sunday morning locally. Just in time for your breakfast. Imagine these warm and cardamon/vanilla flavored Brioche rolls every Sunday am…. Mmmm. And oh. Did we mention that they are made with all organic ingredients. 


Truly. Thx for supporting our small business. We are learning a lot through this process... baking, math, sisterly collaboration and how to add a lot of our favorite spice LOVE to each Beach Roll. 


With Love and Gratitude,

the A&E Sisters

aka Avery and Ella

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