All our artisan chocolates are handmade with love and are available seasonally. The ingredients are sourced out by Emily and selected based on their flavor profiles, nutritional contributions, and high quality. Each chocolate is mindfully developed to let each ingredient shine on its own and when combined, creates a harmonious burst of flavors. 


We craft truffles with unique flavor combinations. Each truffle is rich, bursting with flavor and are sinfully delicious. 


 All our handmade artisan chocolates can be personalized with your favorite ingredients. Just shoot us an email: and we are happy to create your own. 



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Milk Chocolate Bark

Milk Chocolate Bark with Toffee, Dried Cherries & Toasted Almonds A play on a Swedish candy called Dajm, it has hand crafted toffee, dried cherries and toasted almonds. All together, it is a delicious, crunchy and mindful treat that will nourish your soul.

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